Today is Buddhist Day (วันพระขึ้น ๑๕ ค่ำ เดือน ๘)

Celebrating Buddhist Day, laypeople from Limerick made merit at the Temple.  They started with chanting to pay homage to the Tri-ra-ta-na (Triple Gem or Tri-Gem which is the Three Treasures of Buddhism, consisting of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangkha/Buddhist Monk) .. They continued with Ara-dha-na, requesting the Five Precepts and listened to the preaching from the monk, Pra Ajarn MahaRumpai.

After chanting, sticky rice was offered in the monk’s almsbowl.  They offered luncheon and gave Sang-ka-tan (necessary things/groceries) to the monk, received a blessing and performed the ritual of sharing merit making, Gruad-nam,  to those that have passed away.

Later, they said their evening chanting together in the chanting room.  They also donated money to support the Temple.

The laypeople from Limerick were as follows, Mrs.Boonthian, Mrs.Chulee Nai Boy,  Miss.Noreen, Mrs.Goy and Mrs.Oil.



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